GChat Emoticons & Codes

I love gchat and gtalk, because it takes away all the messy extra emoticons that everyone loves (usually on MSN). It is purely text-based, and the few emoticons it does have aren’t an eyesore, and are pretty text based as well. They also make use of alt codes, which is great. The following is a list of emoticons/features I’ve compiled with the experiments I’ve done:


Bold: *this text is bolded* (because of the asteriks before and after the text, with no space)

Italics:  _this text is italicized_ (because of the underscores before and after the text, with no space)

Strike: -this text is crossed out- (because of the hyphens before and after the text, with no space)

Emoticons (text : meaning)

<3 :     heart

:(|) :    monkey

\m/ :    fist (rock-on)

:-o :    shocked

:D / =D :     open mouth smile

:( / =( :      sad

x-( :     angry

B-) :     cool

:'( :    teary

;) :    wink

:-| :    straight face (i think of this as the wtf)

;^) :     big nose wink

:/ / =/ :     doubt-it face

:P / =P : tongue sticking out

}:-) :     the devil face

>.< :      d’oh!

+/'\ :     bell being struck


Gmail keeps improving and adding emoticons, so there will probably be more in the future. I’ll try to keep the post updated!

And for the alt-codes, check out www.altc-codes.net!

WordPress Pro Tip

If you want to turn off the annoying emoticons that automatically display on WordPress posts (i.e. showing :( as the actual emoticon), then simply go to your Dashboard > Settings > Writing and under “Formatting” uncheck the checkbox to “Convert emoticons to graphics on display”. You’ll be much happier for it =).

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